She narrowed her eyes. “What is our heart’s desire?”

Vengeance.” His voice was soft, as if he were afraid that someone might be listening. “Justice.”  Prince Doran pressed the onyx dragon into her palm with his swollen, gouty fingers, and whispered, “Fire and blood.”

Rashida Jones for Elle Japan Magazine (x)

Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”.

cersei lannister, or on why heavy is the head that does not wear the crown (but wishes it did)


[spoilers up to “a dance with dragons”]

There is that one thing you really want, you really really want, that thing that you want but at the same time you know you can’t have: because of lack of mony, lack of time, lack of connections. There is, for everyone. It exists, and it is the one thing that, despite knowing you technically should not be entitled to, you still fight for with teeth and claws, because you feel like it is in your right to have it. No matter what other people say, no matter what society imposes, no matter what your parents tell you: you want it, and you will not go down without a fight.

Yes, this is how this meta starts, because I feel like people, too often, don’t get the engine behind Cersei’s actions. They deem them fruit of something not right in her head, or cock envy. the latter is, to some extent, plausible, but ultimately NOT a reason. It is a consequence.

Cersei wants to rule, plain and simple. That’s the easiest thing about her character, really, and it surprises me that some people don’t get it. Her being a Lannister is undoubtedly lucky, because of the wealth and the respect tha come with the name: Cersei surely had more power in her little finger when she was fifteen than most women in the Seven Kingdoms. Still it was not the kind of power she craved, she wanted more. She wanted the Iron Throne, and this is something she knows ever since she was a child. “But I will be Queen?” she asks Maggy, because that’s what she cares about.

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His little ship had a black hull, black sails, black oars, and a hold crammed with onions and salt fish. Little enough, yet it had kept the garrison alive long enough for Eddard Stark to reach Storm’s End and break the siege. Lord Stannis had rewarded Davos with choice lands on Cape Wrath, a small keep, and a knight’s honors… but he had also decreed that he lose a joint of each finger on his left hand, to pay for all his years of smuggling. Davos had submitted, on the condition that Stannis wield the knife himself; he would accept no punishment from lesser hands.