they would have no claim on me if i did not desire it
for i belong to myself,
i am only my own—
half flowering creation,
half blistering hellfire.


Hello to all Arianne fans! We have decided to show our appreciation for the wonderful Arianne Martell, by dedicating the week 9th-15th august to her (in spite of what appears to be the appalling decision to her erase her from Game of Thrones). We are looking for gifs, graphics, edits, fanart, fanmixes, videos, metas, etc. We encourage and accept all types of content dedicated to and inspired by her, to show just how much love there is for Arianne out there.

We have created a schedule to help to inspire all her fans:

  • day 1) favorite fancast
  • day 2) favorite quote 
  • day 3) favorite trait (physical appearance or personality)
  • day 4) favorite relationship
  • day 5) favorite color
  • day 6) favorite moment
  • day 7) whatever you want

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A shotout to Arianne Martell, who:

  • Is not only a woman of color, but also one of the very few women in ASOIAF who is in a relative position of power (sure, she is just an heir now, but when Doran dies, she will rule one of the greatest houses in Westeros).
  • Is not ashamed of using her sexuality and does so both for pleasure and for getting what she wants. And she is not shamed by anyone for this! It’s such a huge thing, when characters like Cersei, who also uses her sexuality, are constantly humiliated for doing so.
  • May use people for her own purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t care for them (“Arys, she thought, my white knight. Tears filled her eyes, and suddenly she was weeping, her whole body wracked by sobs”, “Arys, my sweet, my white knight, why did you do it? You should have yielded. I tried to tell you, but the words caught in my mouth. You gallant fool, I never meant for you to die, or for Myrcella… oh, gods be good, that little girl…”)
  • She is one of the very few nobles who is actually seen having friends, whom she seems to love very much (including an orphan — guess just how common is a noblewoman being best friends with an orphan?). She actually goes so far as asking mercy for her friends, when she thought her own life might be at risk. ("I ask leniency only for my friends."). Arianne is very much a people’s person, with it being mentioned that the people of Dorne love her.
  • Has an amazing relationship with all of her cousins. Because there are never enough female!! friendships!! (She wanted to share her first man with Tyene, so if that doesn’t tell you something…). And while she may not have their ability to use weapons, she surely has her charm.
  • Acts like the young woman she is, dreaming about dashing men (I sat beside the well and pretended that some robber knight had brought me here to have his way with me, she thought, a tall hard man with black eyes and a widow’s peak.”), and that’s perfectly fine and normal, not a reason she should be mocked for.
  • May not have the cunningness or patience of her father, but, despite her impulsivity, Arianne is not stupid — she’s just young and, in some ways, naive. Remember when she made a White Knight fall in love with her and swore his allegiance with her? Remember when she figured out that a servant of hers was in love with Garin, and she managed to manipulate the girl into sending a message for her, while she was imprisoned? (Well, granted, that plot did not work, because Doran’s too good, but still.)
  • Despite all her fights with her father and the disappointment she feels towards him at first, Arianne still loves Doran and would never hurt him. (It is time he put his burdens down, but I will suffer no slights to his honor or his person. She would return him to his Water Gardens, to live out what years remained him surrounded by laughing children and the smell of limes and oranges.”)
  • Is simply an amazing female character.
  • And let’s not forget: “That is Nymeria’s star, burning bright, and that milky band behind her, those are ten thousand ships. She burned as bright as any man, and so shall I. You will not rob me of my birthright!”

Anonymous asked:
How do you know it's d&d? isn't there something about a "controversial" sansa chapter in TWOW? maybe it's actually going to be something from the book


because Sophie has read her scripts for season 5 and she was talking about the show and knows nothing of the next book.

Honestly Sansa ~using her sexuality~ is just… not /her/ at all, she doesn’t knowingly or independently do this in the books, and she doesn’t really show any inclination to other than to just go along with what Petyr wants (and she isn’t okay with it, nor is she using it to some advantage). imo, I’ve pictured her manipulation of him being more along the lines of going along with his plans, publicly aligning with him (i.e. the Alayne facade) and playing up the innocent girl image rather than a sexualised one. It’s such a complex dynamic and it does both characters a disservice to make it some kind of femme fatale thing, Sansa is FOURTEEN (thirteen in the books and at the very oldest I would estimate fifteen in the show). D&D seem to struggle a lot with writing female characters who aren’t a hollow, poorly conceived “badass” or “seductress” trope and it looks like they’re going with the latter with Sansa. To make her more interesting to dudebros now that Sophie is 18, I suppose (and hey, it’s working with all those maddening comments about how Sansa is “finally” interesting and “finally” playing the game).

Sansa is not Cersei or Margaery 2.0, she grows into her confidence through realising she is smarter than everyone has been telling her. Like George reiterated here, Sansa has her wits, just like Petyr does. imo it’s primarily her wits she uses as a weapon, not her sexuality - at least at this point, as she is a child. I had my worries about all this when she stepped out in that sexualised maleficent looking costume and it looks like my suspicions were correct.

They also skipped over so much of Sansa actually learning the game and figuring stuff out, and being taught by LF, so having her suddenly be this master manipulator and being “better” than LF has just done her development - and his, but most importantly hers - a disservice (and yes, I know she’s been manipulating for a long time, but it just went up a notch far too quickly).

So like, I don’t expect her to be in any R rated shenanigans next season, but Sansa suddenly being confident and sexual and manipulating him (and him not realising what she’s doing, jfc) is just really weird to me and I don’t feel good about it? I don’t quite know how to express myself about it because it’s uncharted territory and we don’t know what’s happening in TWOW. I just don’t think it’s this. It doesn’t feel genuine and it’s like they’ve seized the opportunity to make Sansa more interesting (in their eyes) and they’re veering off course with her development and turning her into something else.


melisandre week  → day 4: favourite outfit/hairstyle

Season 2 braided bun

Sophie Turner confirms in an interview with The Wrap that she starts filming Wednesday in Belfast, where all her shooting with occur this year. She revealed that Sansa will be playing on her sexuality to manipulate Littlefinger in season 5
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I’m so glad that canonically fourteen year old show!verse Sansa Stark is going to be ‘playing up her sexuality’ to manipulate Littlefinger.

So. Glad.

The Starks of Winterfell

The Starks of Winterfell