"As a viewer, I want things to be romantic, but playing Pam, it just felt like their relationship could possibly go back and forth as we’ve seen that it has. In 1905, they met in a sexual relationship, but at a certain point, it transcended that and became a relationship that we never really had to worry about ending." Kristin Bauer van Straten

Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to say I think your thoughts on Eric and Pam are spot on and I appreciate you sharing. I am a long time Sooric shipper but I have multi shipped for a while and more recently admitted to myself that Sooric is unhealthy. As someone that has been emotionally abused, I see Sookie as emotionally abusive to Eric in a way. Yet people would rather compare Pam's love to Bill/Sookie's sick twisted and abusive obsession than admit Pam is what Eric needs to be happy? why? That's so extreme!


Thank you for your feedback! I’m a long time Sooric shipper too. Sookie and Eric have meant the world to me, the possibility of this relationship, even remote as it was at the beginning of season 2, caught me off guard and fascinated me so much that I became obsessed with this show. I loved how strikingly different these two characters were, and since I love mismatched, crazy, impossible pairings, I couldn’t resist. But the way the Eric/Sookie relationship has been handled since mid-season4 left me emotionally unsatisfied, puzzled and with a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Yes, Sooric - the way Sooric is now - is not healthy. I wouldn’t say Sookie is emotionally abusive to Eric - I don’t think she’s cruel on purpose or anything, she’s not Bill - but she takes advantage of the feelings she knows Eric has for her in many ways. Watching Eric being the third wheel over and over again, seeing the hurt and the resignation on his face, breaks my heart, and it’s time for him to break this vicious circle. All dreams and shippy expectations aside, I don’t think Sookie can ever be the right person for Eric. Even if she could get past her obsession for Bill (which she won’t), she’ll forever be the kind of person who appreciates empty chivalry, pompous love speeches; who believes in love at first sight and star crossed lovers, who likes a small life in her small town. All things Eric is not. Eric is far from perfect, but yes he deserves to be happy. I think Sookie blinded him because she’s so different from the women in his life (Pam, Nora, who are world travelers, sophisticated, ambitious, clever); I think it was exactly the way she’s so ordinary that fascinated him… but at the same time, it’s also what keeps them apart.

As for Pam, it does make me sad that her love for Eric is labeled as clingy and obsessive, when she’s literally the only person in this world who supports and cares for him genuinely, who misses him when he’s not around (sookie does not), who is ready to take a bullet for him. It makes me even sadder considering that people are so eager to justify Sookie’s obsession for Bill, to blame it on the blood, on Bill’s manipulation, on everything except on Sookie herself. As things are now, I think the blood is not an excuse anymore. Sookie is not the naive, inexperienced little girl she was at the beginning; she knows very well what the blood’s effects are; she knows how Bill’s thought patterns work; she knows that people tend to remember their first love fondly even if the relationship was far from perfect; yet she keeps coming back for more. It’s not the blood, it’s Sookie. Do I want Eric to keep pining for such a person, who still thinks that Bill is a better man than him? The answer is no.