"A man does not choose his companions in black cells,” the handsome one with the red-and-white hair said. Something about the way he talked reminded her of Syrio; it was the same, yet different too. “These two, they have no courtesy. A man must ask forgiveness. You are called Arry, is that not so?”

She walked fast, to keep ahead of her fear, and it felt as though Syrio Forel walked beside her, and Yoren, and Jaqen H’ghar, and Jon Snow.


Anonymous asked:

Can you explain what the hell is going on with the maesters/the Citadel/Jaqen/Pate/all of that stuff in AFFC? I know that’s a big question, but I feel like I missed everything.

Oh my gosh. Yes, it’s a big question. :) I’ve previously covered the subject in quite a few other posts, though. So if you don’t mind the info being a tad scattered, check this tag: the faceless men, and this one: jaqen h’ghar which should have anything the other tag doesn’t. And just in case, my maesters tag should have everything else. 

But a very quick summary:

  • In the AFFC prologue, the novice Pate gave an Archmaester’s key to “The Alchemist” (the guy Jaqen turned into)
  • The Alchemist killed Pate with a “bite the gold coin to see if it’s real ha ha the coin’s been coated in poison” trick (which fascinatingly is the same trick Arya used to kill her first assignment in ADWD)
  • In AFFC’s epilogue, Sam Tarly meets Pate — but of course since Pate is dead, that’s the Faceless Man who has taken his place
  • So “Pate” has a key that can open any door in the Citadel… but why?
  • Note there’s a book hidden deep in a locked vault in the Citadel called “The Death of Dragons”
  • Per rumors and conspiracy theories, maesters hate magic and orchestrated the death of the dragons a couple hundred years back (there’s also other conspiracy theories around maesters but that’s not relevant at the moment)
  • But there’s three dragons alive now and causing a lot of ruckus
  • Maybe someone hired the Faceless Men to take them out? (though the question is debatable)
  • Note also that the only item Sam managed to bring to the Citadel (he had to sell everything else he owned to get passage to Oldtown) was the old cracked horn he found with the cache of dragonglass weapons on the Fist of the First Men
  • Tormund admitted the so-called “Horn of Joramun" that Mance claimed to have was a fake
  • If Sam’s horn isn’t the real Horn of Joramun I’ll eat my hat
  • What would a Faceless Man do if he found a horn that when blown could bring down the Wall? Would he recognize it? Would he try to sell it to someone? Is anyone crazy and chaotic enough to bring down the Wall?
  • And why in the hell was Jaqen in the Black Cells to begin with? He (probably) pushed Balon from the bridge, was that his original assassination assignment, or did he have multiple targets? Either way he no doubt has had contact with Euron Greyjoy (who knows all about magical horns) and, y’know, speaking of crazy agents of chaos…

So, anyway, this is why I’m really looking forward to Sam’s chapters in TWOW. :)
(And, oh, I didn’t even mention Alleras, aka Sarella Sand, who I expect will be a majorly awesome part of his chapters too.)

Sometimes she wished she had gone off across the narrow sea with Jaqen H’ghar. She still had the stupid coin he’d given her, a piece of iron no larger than a penny and rusted along the rim. One side had writing on it, queer words she could not read. The other showed a man’s head, but so worn that all his features had rubbed off. He said it was of great value, but that was probably a lie too, like his name and even his face. That made her so angry that she threw the coin away, but after an hour she got to feeling bad and went and found it again, even though it wasn’t worth anything.

you’d be like a kitten to him,
he’d kill you with his little finger

If the day comes when you would find me again, give that coin to any man from Braavos, and say these words to him - Valar Morghulis.