Word clouds generated from Sansa Stark’s dialogue and italicized internal monologue from books 1-2.

The first cloud is the period before King Robert’s death.
The second cloud is the period after King Robert’s death.

Most often used words in the first cloud: “Father, want, Ser”
Most often used words in the second cloud: “please, your, Grace”

Positively connotative words are in blue. Negative words are in red.

terrible > stupid > fool > poor > smelly > ugly > horrible > awful > evil

good > brave > gentle > kind > sweet > splendid > true > fair > magical

Through the House of the Undying Ones and What Daenerys Targaryen Found There. ( Part II )

House Allyrion - No Foe May Pass
House Ambrose - Never Resting
House Arryn - As High as Honor
House Ashford - Our Sun Shines Bright
House Baratheon - Ours is the Fury
House Beesbury - Beware Our Sting
House Bolton - Our Blades Are Sharp
House Buckwell - Pride and Purpose
House Bulwer - Death Before Disgrace
House Caron - No Song So Sweet
House Cerwyn - Honed and Ready
House Codd - Though All Men Do Despise Us
House Crakehall - None so Fierce
House Flint of Widow’s Watch - Ever Vigilant
House Follard - None so Wise
House Footly - Tread Lightly Here
House Fossoway of Cider Hall - A Taste of Glory
House Fowler - Let Me Soar
House Graceford - Work Her Will
House Grandison - Rouse Me Not
House Greyjoy - We Do Not Sow
House Hastwyck - None So Dutiful
House Hightower - We Light the Way
House Hornwood - Righteous in Wrath
House Jordayne - Let It Be Written
House Karstark - The Sun of Winter
House Lannister - Hear Me Roar! / A Lannister always pays his debts.
House Lonmouth - The Choice Is Yours
House Marbrand - Burning Bright
House Martell - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
House Mormont - Here We Stand
House Mallister - Above the Rest
House Merryweather - Behold Our Bounty
House Mooton - Wisdom and Strength
House Oakheart - Our Roots Go Deep
House Peckledon - Unflinching
House Penrose - Set Down Our Deeds
House Piper - Brave and Beautiful
House Plumm - Come Try Me
House Royce - We Remember
House Sarsfield - True to the Mark
House Serrett - I Have No Rival
House Smallwood - From These Beginnings
House Stark - Winter is Coming
House Stokeworth - Proud to Be Faithful
House Swygert - Truth Conquers
House Swyft - Awake! Awake!
House Tallhart - Proud and Free
House Targaryen - Fire and Blood
House Tarly - First in Battle
House Toyne - Fly High, Fly Far
House Trant - So End Our Foes
House Tully - Family, Duty, Honor
House Tyrell - Growing Strong
House Velaryon - The Old, the True, the Brave
House Waxley - Light in Darkness
House Wendwater - For All Seasons
House Wensington - Sound the Charge
House Westerling - Honor, not Honors
House Wode - Touch Me Not
House Wydman - Right Conquers Might
House Yronwood - We Guard the Way

I determined that the first chapter I wrote, all the way back in 1991, was a Bran chapter. And that chapter almost wrote itself. In some ways some of the most crucial decisions I made about the books happened immediately after the completion of that chapter. And one of them was: okay is this a book in which Bran is the hero? Do I now write another chapter from Bran’s point of view, and a third chapter, is this Bran’s book? Or will I use multiple view points? And obviously the next chapter was from Catelyn’s view point. So I decided to use multiple view points.
— George R.R. Martin [x] (via gendrie)


Game of Thrones House Sigils in German Style by Kevin Hatch


Bold what applies to you


written by ravenofstars

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones version:

Books versus Show:

  • I’ve read the books first
  • I’ve watched the show first
  • I don’t watch the show
  • I don’t read the books
  • I think the books are better
  • I think the show is better
  • There is a character I like in the books/show but don’t like in the books/show
  • I think the show changed something for good
  • I imagine a book character like the actor now, even if it doesn’t fit the book description
  • I like the book version of the Red Wedding better
  • I like the show version of the Battle of the Blackwater better
  • I prefer the Boltons in pink
  • I prefer the Greyjoys with dark hair
  • I liked Talisa
  • I prefer the age the of the Stark children in the show
  • I miss the purple eyes of the Targaryens
  • I like D&D better than GRRM
  • I prefer Doreah’s way of dying in the show
  • I think there’s an actor/actress who understands their character better than the author
  • I think the books are more realistic
  • I feel more emotional about the books

The houses:

  • I think the Starks are the good ones
  • I think the Lannisters are evil
  • I would love to look like a Targaryen
  • I think the Tyrells are clever
  • I like more than one Greyjoy
  • I think the Tullys are ginger
  • I think the Martells are people of colour
  • I would like to be a Baratheon
  • I would like to visit the Eyrie
  • I think all Boltons should die
  • I would love to learn more about the Reeds
  • I think the Freys are the worst

The characters:

  • I think Stannis is the heir to the Iron Throne
  • I think Daenerys is the heir to the Iron Throne
  • Eddard was the most honourable man of all
  • I think R+L=J is true
  • Tyrion is the funniest character
  • I feel sorry for Theon
  • I think Sansa is dumb
  • I think Arya should complete her training
  • I think Jaime is the valonqar regarding the prophecy
  • I hope the Boltons win
  • I hate Catelyn for how she treated Jon
  • I think Melisandre is evil
  • I think Sam will be a maester
  • I think Davos will succeed in his latest mission
  • I hope Margaery dies
  • I think Robb was a could king (typo??)
  • I think Brienne will kill Jaime
  • I like the Free Folk
  • I think Qyburn is the scariest MOST QYBUENO character
  • I think Bran will be evil
  • I hope Euron is the ruler of the Iron Islands in the end
  • I think Jon Connington will die by his sickness
  • I think Walder Frey outlives the series


  • I cried more than once while reading the books
  • I cried more than once while watching the show
  • The Red Wedding destroyed me
  • I liked Dany’s last scence in S03E10
  • I screamed while reading the books/watching the show
  • I hate a character so much I want him/her to die a horrible death
  • I kinda feel like I’m in love with a character
  • I like most of the sex scenes
  • I laughed while reading/watching
  • I refuse to accept a/some scene(s)
  • I miss a character
  • I had goosebumps while reading/watching
  • I had a nightmare about something from the books/show
  • I wish I could be a certain character
  • I call a character “my baby” because I love him/her so much
  • I’m jealous of a character
  • I wish that certain characters would make out
  • A scene/character frightened me so much, that I don’t want to think about it/him/her
  • I admire a character
  • I closed my eyes while watching a certain scene(s)
  • Some descriptions of food made me hungry
  • A (or more) chapter(s) bored be so much I skipped them
  • I chewed my nails out of stress while reading/watching
  • I think the Wall is beautiful
  • A death scene made me smile
  • I think an actor/actress deserves an oscar for their performance in GoT
  • I was so disgusted I nearly stopped reading/watching
  • I have one favourite book
  • I have one favourite season
  • I have one favourite scene
  • I have one favourite character


in a series full of characters who commit mass slaughter, rape young girls, torture people for pleasure and abuse their children, if your least favourite character is someone like Sansa or Lysa you need to think long and hard about why

Martin’s willingness to deconstruct tropes has, I think, been greatly exaggerated by fans who haven’t actually read very many novels (or history books). What Martin really does is confuse us and disorient us so that we don’t expect what are actually totally conventional narrative maneuvers.

In the larger structure of ASOIAF as a whole, Ned’s death is not only non-subversive, it’s exactly what we should predict. Four of the major points-of-views are of his children. He is the wise father whose death will be the motivating factor for his children to grow up and avenge him. This is not an unusual type of character – Duke Leto from Dune springs to mind as the closest analogue, but they seem pretty innumerable to me. What Martin actually does is trick us into not realizing that Ned is fulfilling this standard trope by instead structuring AGOT as a murder mystery, with Ned as the detective. The detective doesn’t get killed! But that’s just a screen for what’s actually going on.

Martin accentuates his disorientation of us by hiding his intentions from us for as long as possible. So even after Ned’s coup fails and he is in prison, he holds out what seems like a very plausible hope that Ned will survive and be sent to the Wall. The thing is, that in terms of standard narrative expectations, of course Ned has to die. Martin disorients us by making us think the standard narrative device isn’t going to happen, and then makes it happen anyway, and in the cruelest and most painful way possible. But I don’t think Martin actually subverts many traditional narrative tropes at all.